Ancient practitioners prescribed tonics for those who needed to rediscover their wellbeing and vitality.

Tonics are a special experience guaranteed to leave you feeling rejuvenated and equipped to re-enter the world with balance and presence.

Reconnect to yourself, re-energise and revitalise through personalised yoga sessions and therapeutic massage for times when a little extra TLC is needed.​

Yoga offers the opportunity to create union. Union between body and breath, between nature and self.

Our time together creates space for you to press pause, grow and flourish within, and cultivate a connection to your body, mind and world around you.

Prices start from £40

An ayurvedic massage focuses on rebalancing the flow of energy within the body. 

Each intuitive massage creates balance, sustains health, relaxes the body and calms the mind.

Prices start from £15


Thank you so much Paige for the most amazing treatment!


Thank you, the flow this morning nudged me into slowing down, taking in my surroundings and appreciating what Mother Nature freely provides us with.




I wanted to mention last week's relaxation, it brought up a lot of emotions and I spent the whole 10 minute balling my eyes out, but it made me feel so much better! I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me the space to feel and express my emotions in a safe and non judgemental way.



I have regular back and shoulder massages which I find highly beneficial. Paige is professional, caring and very approachable, I would not hesitate to recommend her.