Yoga for Summer

Seasonal-led living invites us to align with the ebbs and flows of nature's rhythms and cycles so that we can flow with life rather than resist it.

Each season of the year shares with us tools to connect to the natural world; the winter to slow down and look within; spring to reawaken and look to new beginnings; summer to use the energy of the sun; and autumn to begin to let go and prepare for the darker months ahead.

Summer represents the elements of fire and earth. The dampness of spring begins dry the earth as the suns strength heightens. The days are long and hot and although our plans may be busy, our energy may be dwindling with the heat.

In order to create balance and harmony within, Ayurveda tells us that we must counterbalance our internal and external world. When hot outside, create a cool, calm, environment within and vice versa in the winter.

A yoga practice that aligns with this philosophy invite us to take things slow and release that residual heat. It is said that pitta - heat - can cause agitation so slow restorative movement can support calmness in the body and mind.


Moon Salutations - avoid heating the body by removing chaturangas and dynamic movement that we find in sun salutations.

Slow, stretchy practices - to support the release of external heat within. By slowing things down, we can counterbalance the busyness that the summer months bring.

Supported poses - such as bridge with a yoga block rested underneath the lower back will reduce muscle engagement.

Restore with legs up the wall - with your tailbone against the wall and your legs straight up. This pose supports the lymphatic system, soothes restless legs and brings a calm stillness to the mind.

Long savasanas - to soothe the nervous system, calm the mind and relax the body

What you will need for your summer practices:

⋒ Yoga props: blocks, cushions, belts etc. If a yoga block is not accessible to you,

please feel free to use anything sturdy you have at home to support you and to be

an extension of your arms.

⋒ Your journal and a pen if you want to document the experience of your practices.

⋒ A light blanket if you like to get cosy in savasana.

⋒ Time to pause and appreciate your journey to this point.

To find out more about linking the seasons to your yoga practice, check out A Seasonal Year, an online package of yoga flows, meditations and seasonal guidebooks to flow your way through each season of the year with connection and grace.