Welcoming June

The world around us is alive

June was most likely named for the goddess Juno, the patron of marriage and childbirth. For this reason, June is known as one of the best months to marry. Whilst the Anglo Saxons named June Sera Monath - the dry month.

June is the midpoint of the year where the sun is reaching the height of its power and we look towards the dark half of the year. Now is the time to celebrate the outdoors before life slowly starts to turn inwards.

Below, we share with you a guide on how to enjoy the month of June.

Things to Do

⋒ Find a local farm to pick your own strawberries.

⋒ Light a bonfire, or a candle to celebrate the longest day of the year.

⋒ It wouldn't be summer without an elderflower cocktail. Here is a recipe to make your own cordial.

⋒ Write a letter to your future self at the solstice and read your mid year thoughts in December.

June Folklore & Traditions:

⋒ "If June be sunny, harvest comes early."

"Marry in the month of June. Life will be one long honeymoon"

"A calm June puts a farmer in tune."

⋒ It is said that summer hasn't truly begun until the Elder is in flower.

⋒ If a rose is picked on midsummer's eve, it is said to last until Christmas.


​In the Kitchen

In the hedgerow, fields & woodlands

​⋒ Strawberries ⋒ Chard ⋒ Peas ⋒ Garlic ⋒ Rhubarb

⋒ Wild gooseberries ⋒ Honeysuckle ⋒ Watercress ⋒ Wild fennel ⋒ Lemon balm

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