Ostara: a photo journal

Known in the Northern hemisphere as the first day of spring, the spring equinox or Ostara celebrates the balance of day and night, celebrated on the 21-22 March of each year.

Everything in nature is now slowly coming alive, the sun gains strength everyday

and the days grow. The equinox is time to let go of winter and our hibernation, ready to emerge into the new.

The egg is a important symbol; full of potential and new life. Traditionally it was time to celebrate the fertile goddess Oestre, the coming of spring and dawn, the union of masculine and feminine and an awareness of the awakening of earths energy.

This is how I spent the equinox this year.

Ostara Suggestions

You can celebrate the equinox each year by:

⋒ Getting outside and enjoying the energy of upcoming spring

⋒ Making a bouquet or wreath of spring flowers, buds and blossom

⋒ Decorating hard boiled eggs to celebrate new beginnings or decorate blown eggs

and display them in your window.

⋒ Cleansing you space ready for this new season.

⋒ Planting seeds and herbs for future harvest.