Litha - The Summer Solstice

The summer solstice marks the longest day and shortest night. At this turning point of the year, the sun has reached the height of its power and from now on will begin to slowly wane.

Since the winter solstice, the sun has slowly been building its power. We witness this in the world around us, with the warmth of the earth and the abundance of life growing as we transition from spring to summer. At the midpoint of the year, the sun has reached its full potential; the longest day and shortest night, and so, we celebrate what the sun has offered us before we once again embark on the waning light.


In Pagan tradition, Litha marked the 'Goddess being full and pregnant with child, and the sun god is at the height of his virility. The Earth is awash with fertility and fulfillment and this is a time of joy and celebration, of expansiveness and the celebration of achievements. The Goddess&Green Man

On midsummer eve, fires were lit and people stayed up all night dancing and leaping through the fire until sunrise. It was a celebration of honouring the light and welcoming the return of the dark. Torches were carried sunwise (clockwise) around houses and fields and coals from the fire were scattered around fields to ensure a good harvest.

'Midsummers full moon is known as the 'Honey Moon' for the mead made from honey at this time. Mead was regarded as the divine solar drink, with magical and life-restoring properties and was drank to celebrate and toast the life-giving abundance of the Sun'. The Goddess&Green Man

Litha Suggestions

⋒ Stay up on solstice eve to watch the sun rise.

⋒ At the height of the suns energy, use this time to celebrate your own growth and achievements of the year.

⋒ Traditionally, potted herbs were gifted at this time.

⋒ Plan a trip to Stonehenge to join in community celebrations.

⋒ It is said that if a rose is picked on midsummer's eve, it is said to last until Christmas

⋒ Decorate your home or self with flowers and grasses to celebrate the abundance that earth currently offers.

⋒ Decorate your home or self with flowers and grasses to celebrate the abundance that earth currently offers.

⋒ Litha is a celebration. Dance, sing, act - express yourself in a way that honours your best self.

⋒ To celebrate the height of summer, light a candle throughout the day or an outdoor fire to honour this day.

⋒ Pick elderflower and create some magic in your kitchen - cakes, syrup, cordial. Remember to speak your intentions into whatever you make.