Celebrating May

May welcomes the height of spring and the beginnings of summer.

Known as Maia by the Romans, named after the goddess of fertility and growth, and Tri-Milchi by the Anglo Saxons, in recognition that cows could now be milked three times a day; May is the bridge between spring and summer and a celebration of the emergence of nature awakening. Blossom turns to leaves, the days lengthen and the warmth of the sun continues to build.

Here's how you can celebrate May, year after year.

Things to Do

⋒ Tap into the taurus energy of the month and relish in the indulgence of life right now.

⋒ If you have a garden, join in with #nomowmay to help support our pollinators and let the wild take over.

⋒ Depending on where you live in the UK, elderflowers should be coming into bloom at the end of the month. Last year we made Elderflower Champagne which was super easy.

⋒ Read up on the origins of May Day.

⋒ If homegrown is your thing, sow beetroot, carrots, peas, spinach or rocket.

⋒ Asparagus is in season! Find some asparagus recipes here.

⋒ The beginning of the month marks Dawn Chorus day, get outside and celebrate nature's greatest symphony

⋒ As the light grows and the daylight increases, think of ways to align with spring and make the most of the light.

⋒ Incorporate a hint of green into your wardrobe to honour the emerging colour of earth.

May Folklore & Traditions:

'Rain in May is worth a wagonload of hay"'

‘If you sweep the house with broom in May, you’ll sweep the head of the house away’

‘Marry in May and you’ll rue the day’

⋒ Gathering the first dew of May will grant protection again the evil eye.

⋒ Washing your face with morning dew on the 1st May was said to create a beautiful complexion for the rest of the year.

⋒ Lighting a bonfire was tradition on May Day. Gatherers would leap through the flames for luck.

⋒ The Hawthorn tree is the tree of May as is known as the May tree. In times gone by, the May tree was a symbol of fertility and youth. As May was a popular time of marriage, Hawthorn blossom was used to bring blessings to the newlyweds.

⋒ Any kitten born in May would have the reputation of being a terrible mouser, who would instead bring snakes into the house.

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