Aligning with the Moon

When we begin to notice the rhythms of nature, we see a complex network of entities working alongside each other to create what we know as the natural world.

Some natural systems heavily influence the behaviours of others, one of them being the moon.

Its influence over bodies of water, including our own, has been explored and interpreted for millennia. The moon is another system that we can connect to on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. It connects us to different energies and helps us tune in to ourselves and the ethereal world around us.

Reiki Practitioner and meditation advocate, Kirsty Vieyra, works with the ethereal world to create a safe space for people to build connection and heal. Today she shares simple ways to connect with the moon in this beautiful guest post.


The moon; the brightest and largest object in our night sky.

A feminine, divine, yin energy that changes phases throughout the month, represents our unconsciousness and inner feelings.

The ancient practice of moonwork can support a deep sense of connection to the cycles of nature, activating your inner being and keeping you working towards your goals.

The moon makes its way around nine phases during the month, creating a complete lunar cycle. This cycle consists of;

New moon

Waxing crescent


Waxing gibbous

Full moon

Waning gibbous

Last quarter

Waning crescent

Dark moon

Working with the moon is a self-awareness calendar; as we move through its phases, we are reminded to check in and use them to support the navigation of life through its ebbs and flows. When we work with the moon, we are open to receiving the benefits of its healing and transformational energy.

So how do we work with the moon?

New Moon

A New moon helps you get clear with your intentions and inspires new beginnings.

As the new moon arrives, I invite you to align by taking a walk in nature. Ask yourself how you want to feel moving forward and what newness you would like to invite in. You can collect natural seasonal offerings such as leaves, feathers, fruits, and branches to decorate your home. While decorating, you can speak your intention for the new cycle or write them on a piece of paper and place them in a safe space. When we arrive at the next new moon, you can recheck your intentions and see how much your daily practices have been helping you along the way.

Journal Prompts

- This cycle I would like to feel…..

- What emotions and thought patterns do I want to renew?

Waxing Crescent Moon

What steps are you taking that support your intentions? Sowing the seeds is great, but you have to do the work for them to grow. Start to get a plan in place with your journal, this will help you get clear on your intentions.

Journal Prompts

- What are my main priorities this week?

- What does my soul need to move forward?

First Quarter Phase

At the midpoint of the month we arrive at the first quarter phase, a week after the new moon and a week before the full moon.

It's time to shift into action mode and step up to create those opportunities from your intentions. Embrace the moon's energy with its gentle push and use the affirmation

‘I welcome action to create new opportunities in my life.'

Journal Prompts

- What action am I taking this week to help me evolve?

- How am I supporting myself with my goals?

Waxing Gibbous

As the moon gets brighter and bolder it starts to illuminate the sky and invites us to expand with it too.

Think about how you could broaden further. Can you turn your energy up to support your growth? This can also be a time of feeling overwhelmed as the energy is heightened and you feel a push to get things done. Remember this is your journey, maybe you need to have an evening with yourself instead of forcing anything that isn’t aligning with you right now.

Journal Prompt

- Am I living in the present moment whilst fulfilling my intention?

Full Moon

The full moon is powerful and bright, absorbing the sun's beams to bounce on earth and illuminating how we have worked towards this peak of energy along with any areas that we need to release which are no longer serving us.

Full Moon Ritual

Find a space in your home, somewhere you will be undisturbed.

Grab some water, a candle, pen, paper, and a fireproof bowl.

Put on music that lifts you and helps connect to yourself.

Start the ritual with lighting candles or burning scents to help clear the space, find a comfortable seat and centre with a 5 min meditation (details below).

Place your hand on your heart, take 10 deep inhales and exhales, and feel into the senses of what your heart centre is trying to tell you.

Clear out the old - write down any emotions or any feelings you want to let go of. Then rip the paper up, really feeling the force of the rip clearing the energy. While doing so, you can repeat the following: ‘I now release the old to welcome in the new’.

If it is safe to do so, you can the burn paper into the fireproof bowl, and repeat.

To close, start moving, with the option to sing or dance. This helps with letting old energy out.

Blowing out the candles with thanks for the guidance that is always surrounding you and within you.

Waning Crescent

Also known as the dark moon, this last and final phase welcomes us to relax and unwind.

As the energy of the moon dwindles, think about moving your attention inwards and let the last phase carry you into stillness. This is time to give yourself as much love as possible.

Bring the darkness in by dimming the lights and practicing looking within. You can do this through meditation, journalling, time alone or in nature. Lean into what you feel and explore what comes to the surface.

If you have any crystals, rose quartz would be a great healer to support you through this phase.

Working with the moon and its phases can be full on. But when you pay attention to and align with the Moon's phases, you can notice a shift in how you're able to create.

Remember, this is your journey, whenever you feel the calling to work with the moon; she will always be waiting for you. You got this.

Upcoming Phases


○ Full Moon in Cancer 17th

◑ Last Quarter 25th

● Dark Moon in Aquarius 30th


● New Moon in Aquarius 1st

◐ First Quarter 8th

○ Full Moon in Leo 16th

◑ Last Quarter 23rd

Sending many warm welcomes and blessings to you all,



If you would like free meditations to deepen your moon rituals, you can find them

on Kirsty’s Instagram. She regularly goes live with meditations and discussions on energy healing, moonwork, and all things holistic care.