When extra special moments of pause are needed, we offer unique ayurvedic massages tailored specific to you and your needs.

Image by Hans Vivek

Using warm oils to nourish the skin and soothe the mind, these massages are therapeutic, strong and healing; leaving you feeling energised, relaxed and restored.

Upon arrival, choose from a blend of essential oils to awaken the senses, relax to the soothing sounds of nature and prepare to reconnect with body, mind and soul.

Offered in my cosy therapy room or in the comfort of your own home, they are guaranteed to bring balance and harmony back into your life.


A beautiful massage using soothing oils to relax the mind and unique techniques to melt tension.


This facial improves muscle tone and complexion by increasing blood flow and circulation to plumps, lift and firm the skin.

30 || £25

back, head & face

A well deserved treat, this massage alleviates tension in the body and mind.

Starting with the back and shoulders to ease physical stress, we work up to the head to unwind and end with the face to nourish and restore our state of balance.

75 || £60

head & face

It is said that a head massage performed correctly is a massage of the whole body.

Massaging the head soothes the entire nervous system, nourishing the hair and scalp helping to relieve migraines, neck tension, insomnia and fatigue. 

40 || £30

full body

This massage relaxes, restores and regenerates the whole body.


 Working from head to toe, this massage brings tension to the surface, rejuvenates the our being and creates balance and harmony within.

back & shoulders

Sitting for most of the day can create tension and unease in the back and shoulders over time.


A strong massage, it offers relief and alleviates discomfort held in the body, bringing you into a state of relaxation to support your wellbeing.

45 || £40



Feet || £5

Hands|| £5

Hands & Feet || £8

Lower Body || £20


Back & Neck: 20m || £20

Head & Face: 15m || £15

90 || £80

cancellation policy

Cancellations 48 hours before appointment free of charge.

Cancellation 48-24 hours = 50% charge

Cancellations 24 hours & under before appointment = 100% charge


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