The natural world is an ever flowing entity that is constantly evolving in response to its environment. So why don't we do the same? We see change as unfavourable, a thing that breaks the equilibrium, but what if we embraced this flow as the norm? What if movement of the body created a window into the secrets of nature, it gave us insight into how to unlock them and incorporate them into our own life?

Our online yoga community works together to create this reconnection back to ourselves and our environment. The membership offers seasonal yoga, a moment of pause and an opportunity to commune with other folk on the same path.

Sharing pre-recorded vinyasa and restorative flows, meditations and breathwork, the membership infuses yogic and ayurvedic wisdom throughout it’s themes. At the root of these principles is knowledge on how to be led by nature and live season to season. When you reconnect with your body, it is only a matter of time before you reconnect with nature.

Previous themes have included:

Balance | The Elements | Sun and moon energy | Masculine and Feminine


⋒ Two 60 minute vinyasa flows

⋒ Two 30 minute restorative flows

⋒ One guided meditation

⋒ One breathwork recording

⋒ Access to an ever growing library of videos to choose from

⋒ Journal prompts related to each flow

⋒ An opportunity to pause and reflect.

All for £30 per month*

*Or £25 pm when you sign up for 6 months


On the first Monday of each month new sessions will be uploaded onto the membership page (found in the footer index) for you to work your way through as and when you are ready.

You’ll also receive a newsletter each month to let you know when new videos are available and further insight into the theme of the month, journal prompts and how you can incorporate what we learn on the mat into everyday life.


I couldn't have got through these last few months without you in my living room, telling me to breath, that change is something we need to work with and embrace, and making me smile when you get your left and your right mixed up!



I want to say a massive thank you for your online videos - I’ve had an absolutely amazing time during these sessions and I’m feeling great feelings after my practices. I'm grateful for your lessons and the time you're giving to make people feel better. 



As someone who was initially sceptical about yoga, Paige's classes have completely changed my attitude towards it.


I wanted to thank you for delivering your sessions online, it has been great and you help make the situation bearable so again thank you very much.


LOVE Paige and what she offers. A deep understanding of combining spirituality to everyday life and incorporating that into yoga classes. Every yoga lesson I learn something new. Highly recommended!