I'm Paige, a nature lover residing on the Northumberland coast.


A yoga teacher, massage therapist and ayurvedic consultant by trade, I have been working in the wellbeing industry since 2017.


For the past ten years I've lived in valleys, jungles and mountains. Where life flows, I go. Nature is always calling me.


Everything I share is rooted in Indian Folklore, Ayurveda. Wisdom passed down from generation to generation sharing the secrets to holistic living.


Known as the sister science of yoga, ayurveda advocates realigning with nature, living with the seasons and celebrating you and your own unique way of being - your nature. Traditionally shared through food, ritual and daily routine, ayurveda is an accessible tool for anyone wanting to live a holistic, nature-led life.


My Story

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My relationship with my wellbeing goes back to the early noughties. A longing for connection, happiness and fulfilment.


I’d spend my time watching documentaries from far lands where communion with nature was at the heart of living and so I applied to university to study anthropology. 


My studies gave me insight into how the wisdom of nature could cultivate a connected, happy, fruitful life and so at 24, I moved to rural Nepal seeking hope. Thrown into the deep wild, I was forced to connect. A union with nature, that united me with something deeper.


From Nepal I travelled further east, delving into the philosophies of yoga and ayurveda learning how to unfold and embody the coming together of nature and human, flore and folk.


Infusing my yoga and ayurvedic work with my love for nature and its seasons and cycles, has created space for me to flourish and grow in my personal life. To feel connection, happiness and fulfilment.

I've learnt to create space for myself to rest in the winter. To reflect, realign and rediscover so that when spring begins to arrive, I am energised and ready to emerge. I work with my unique nature to know when to take action and when to slow down. I make sure to spend time with nature every week. To stay connected with what is going on outside my window and align with the rhythms of the earth and its wisdom.

This is my own nature-led way of living. To simplify, to connect, and to witness and honour each year that passes with wonder and celebration.