An online package of yoga flows, meditations and seasonal guidebooks to flow your way through each season of the year with connection and grace.


A Seasonal Year invites you to use your yoga and meditation practices to connect to each season of the year.

Seasonal-led living invites us to align with the ebbs and flows of nature's rhythms and cycles so that we can flow with life rather than resist it.

In our ever-growing busy world, there is a notion that we must be constantly doing, which for many of us leads to feelings of dissatisfaction and emotional effects on the body.

Each season of the year shares with us tools to connect to the natural world; the winter to slow down and look within; spring to reawaken and look to new beginnings; summer to use the energy of the sun to be active; and autumn to begin to let go and prepare for the darker months ahead.

A Seasonal Year is an opportunity to connect with the seasons and discover how our time on the mat reflects our world off the mat. It welcomes us to check in with ourselves, reconnect to what matters and choose a more cyclical way of living life.


Each Season Offers:

2 Vinyasa flows

2 Restorative flows

A Meditation

Seasonal guide with journal prompts, yoga, ayurvedic and seasonal-led tools.

That's 16 flows to guide you through the year and 34 pages of supportive documents.


Your package is downloadable, printable and yours to keep and use in the years to come.



I couldn't have got through these last few months without you in my living room, telling me to breath, that change is something we need to work with and embrace, and making me smile when you get your left and your right mixed up!



I want to say a massive thank you for your online videos - I’ve had an absolutely amazing time during these sessions and I’m feeling great feelings after my practices. I'm grateful for your lessons and the time you're giving to make people feel better. 



As someone who was initially sceptical about yoga, Paige's classes have completely changed my attitude towards it.


I wanted to thank you for delivering your sessions online, it has been great and you help make the situation bearable so again thank you very much.


LOVE Paige and what she offers. A deep understanding of combining spirituality to everyday life and incorporating that into yoga classes. Every yoga lesson I learn something new. Highly recommended!