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Seasonal-led living

Flore & Folk was born through a desire to connect with nature.


Offering tools to reconnect and cultivate a connection with the seasons and cycles of life, sharing what I've learnt along the way.


Through the medium of yoga and ayurvedic principles, we offer seasonal-led guidance for those seeking a simplified and intentional way of living season to season.

Country path gate opening

At Flore & Folk we offer seasonal-led yoga and guidance for those who seek a connected, purposeful life.



I'm Paige, a lover of spring, summer, autumn and winter.  By day I am a yoga teacher who over the years has begun to dig deep into the practice of aligning with the natural world.


At Flore & Folk, we bond with nature, move our bodies alongside the seasons and rediscover who we are through the the natural world.



Thank you again for this morning's session. It really did make me think of how the seasons change the way I feel and how much better I am when the sun shines and shares it's warmth. Afterwards, I went into the garden to feel the warmth of the sun, listen to the birds, breath in the smell of the Lime Tree flowers, pause and appreciate the space around me.


LOVE Paige and what she offers. A deep understanding of combining spirituality to everyday life and incorporating that into yoga classes. Every yoga lesson I learn something new. Highly recommended!


I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me the space to feel and express my emotions in a safe and non-judgemental way.


Thank you, the flow this morning nudged me into slowing down, taking in my surroundings and appreciating what Mother Nature freely provides us with.