Nature-led living.

Here at Flore & Folk, you’ll find support and tools to reconnect and retune to the rhythms and cycles of life, and return to your nature.


Through the medium of yoga and ayurvedic principles, we offer mentoring and guidance, online seasonal yoga memberships and tonics - one to one yoga and massage, for those seeking a holistic, simplified and intentional way of living.


The intention behind Flore & Folk is to reconnect, realign and embody nature's seasons and cycles to create harmony and balance within. 

Offering Holistic Guidance & Mentoring alongside E-Courses, we work with clients to create fulfilled, joyful lives that celebrate all aspects of life. 


We want your self-care rituals to be a memorable experience. This is why we offer tonics, one to one services that create a sense of balance and wellbeing.

We work together through personalised yoga sessions and therapeutic massage for times when you want a little extra TLC.

We also design wellbeing products to help you create a tranquil environment to enhance your senses and experience whether you're practicing yoga, taking a moment of pause or just relaxing on the sofa with a cup of tea.


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